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Supply chain solutions for your warehouse .

With eXpedite, achieve real-time, network-wide view of critical operational data affecting order fulfillment and inventory movement.

We provide a full solution including hardware and data hosting/ integration as well as our specific software solutions

eXpedite - find priority items as they arrive


Working with your existing WMS or ERP

eXpedite seamlessly extends the functionality of your existing WMS or ERP systems. It fills critical process and visibility gaps, mobilising your workforce and where required, will extend the business logic of your host system in a quick and cost effective way.

High Speed

Quick and easy barcode scanning linked to backend systems allowing easy receipt and delivery of goods

Customized Integration

Release the burden of integration from your IT Department. eXpedite consultants will provide services to manage integrations in real time.  Current integrations include Trax and Swiss Aviation Software (AMOS)

Secure Data Hosting

All data can be hosted at our secure data center managed by our partners Blacknight in Dublin, Ireland or internally within your own IT Infrastructure

Front Line Workers

Why Front Line Workers prefer using eXpedite

Why our enterprise mobile computer is superior to a consumer smartphone for scanning applications

In the design of our mobile computing solutions, scanning barcodes is a not just a bonus. It’s a primary function.

Consumer-grade smartphones are not designed for barcode scanning. They’re designed for picture taking. Everything from the illumination system to the location of the triggers is very different, and these differences matter when you consider the volume and speed of barcode scans that must occur on the front lines of business.

Why Front-Line Workers Favor Enterprise-Grade Mobile Computers Over Consumer Smartphones f

How eXpedite Works


Collect data from the floor

User scans multiple items from specific locations within the warehouse.  All incoming shipments are scanned onto our cloud platform immediately and transferred to relevant systems as required through our data hub. Critical shipment data is transferred to each device and once shipment is indentified on the floor, user is notified immediately.



Cloud Based

Users gain access to real-time, network wide view of critical operational data affecting order fulfillment and inventory movement. By capturing and harmonizing data from external suppliers systems and internal order management solutions, eXpedite bridges data and system silos within your organization


Industrial Devices - Zetes Partnership

Hardware - Zetes Partnership

Our partners, Zetes, has over 30 years experience selling and supporting mobile terminals and handheld computers
Key providers include Zebra, Honeywell and Panasonic

Industrial or Off the Shelf Devices

We can advise you on the best device to suit your needs, whether that be a handheld or wearable terminals.
Alternatively, if an off the shelf is suitable from consumable providers such as Samsung or Microsoft, then our platform can support your requirements.

Supported Device Types from Zetes

Rugged / industrial handheld terminals, PDA/enterprise handheld terminals
Multimodal and Standard Wearable  Terminals
Vehicle Mounted Terminals
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